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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Matić, S.
Croatia Forestry as an Active Participant in the Foundation and Development of a Modern Croatian University in Zagreb     PDF 287
Vukelić, J.
Implementation of the Wildlife Management and Hunting Act     PDF 293
Topić, V. UDK 630*421.1.001
Influence of Forest Vegetation Fighting of Erosion in the Torrent Flow on the Mediterranean Part of Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 299
Grubešić, M., Njakara, B., Tomljanjović, J. UDK 630*639.1.1(497.13) Ovis ammon musimon Pallas
Analiza trofeja muflona odstrijeljenih na poluotoku Pelješcu     pdf     HR     EN 305
Krejči, V., Vrbek, B. UDK 630*111.772 (Carpino Betuli - Quercetum roboris subbas. typicum Anić 1959. emend. Rauš 1969).
Distribution of Precipitation in the Community of Pedunculate Oak and Common Hornbeam at the Area of Česma Basin Influenced by the Age and Species of Trees     pdf     HR     EN 317
Summary: The investigated forests belong to a community of Pedunculate
Oak and Common Hornbeam (Carpino betuli-Quercetum roboris subass.
typicum (Anić 1959) emend. Rauš 1969).

Forest-ecological research rely on close connection between the structure
and age of stands and the way in which pollution is introduced into them by
precipitation. In order to obtain a firm conclusion and eventual quantification
of the introducedpollutants, studies werecarried out on the area of the tree-
crowns, volumes of tree crowns and mixed proportions of tree species in stands
of Pedunculate Oak and Common Hornbeam at different ages (young, middle-
aged, mature).

In the young stands of Pedunculate Oak the flowing of precipitation down
the trunk per lml of the crown area is 23.9 times greater than in the mature
stands, while in the case of Common Oak this ratio is only 4.3 times greater.

Out of the total amount of precipitation wich falls on the stand and flows
down the trunk, 10.4% reaches the soil in young stands and 0.9% in old stands.

By dripping trough the tree crowns the least precipitation (74.7%) reaches
the soil in middle-aged stands, and apporoximately 85% reaches the soil of
the young and older (mature) stands.

In stands of Pedunculate Oak and Common Hornbeam interception is highest
in the middle-aged stands (21.9%) and is of medium intesity in the old
stands (15.6%), and least (2.3%) in the young stands.

V. Ki-cjfi. B. Vrhck: RAZDIOBA OBORINA U ZAJBDNIC1 HRASTA LUŽNJAKA I OBIČNOGA C´.RABA Šumarski lisl br. 9—10. CX1X (1995). 317-322
Distribution of precipitation in a stand is firmly connected with the stand
structure. The age of a stand, tree species, canopy, area and volume of tree
crowns coundition how much precipitation, which fall on the stand, will reach
the soiland in what way.

The pH values of precipitations collected on Pedunculate Oak and Common
Hornbeam, including those collected under the tree-crown cover in a
stand, are on averlage lower than those on the control rain-gauges. The average
pH values in precipitations, which were gathered by colletors on the trees
of Pedunculate Oak and Common Hornbeam, range from 4.96-5.52. In the
rain-gauges under the tree crowns pH values range from 4.86-5.42, while in
the control rain-gauges pH amounts to 5.39-5.80. The pH value of precipations
is not sufficient for analysis of chemical structure.

Occasionally a neutralization effect occurs and the pH of precipitations
can be higher, which does not mean that there is no acidification of soil.
Key words: Pedunculate Oak; Common Hornbeam; tree-crown area; dripping through; flowing down trunk; interception; pH precipitation
Sikora, J. UDK 630*231(255)
Sustainment and Natural Reforestation of Forest Vegetation in Flooded Terrain     pdf     HR     EN 323
Kajba, D. UDK 630*232.5 (Populus sp., Salix sp.)
Clonal Forestry and its Perspectives     pdf     HR     EN 329
Jurković, M., Jurković-Bevilacqua, B. UDK 630*232.322.5.(497.13) Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.
Finding Place of Coast Redwood — Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl. in Zagreb     pdf     HR     EN 335
Starčević, T. UDK 630*24-28
Program of Remedial Silvicultural Operations     pdf     HR     EN 341

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