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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Pilaš, I., Seletković, A. UDK 630* 181.3 + 581
An Analysis of Groundwater Regime of Lowland Našice Forest Area by Use of Grass Gis     pdf     HR     EN 363
Trinajstić, I. UDK 630* 188
Nomenclatural and Syntaxonomic Revision of the Complex “Blechno-Fagetum (Ht. 1950) Ex Marinček 1970” (Luzulo-Fagion)     pdf     HR     EN 375
Summary: The first data on the beech forest with the saw fern was published by Horvat (1950) and on that occasion it was named in two different ways. In the Croatian text it was designed as “Fageto-Blechnetum (mscr.)” (cf. Horvat 1950: 48) and in the French résumé (cf. Horvat 1950: 71) as “Fageto-Blechnetum prov.”.As is known from literature, the first after Horvat who studied the beech forest with the saw fern phytosociologically were Tüxen and Oberdorfer (1958). They named it “Blechno-Fagetum ibericum”, and they attached one phytosociological relevé to their text (cf. Tüxen and Oberdorfer 1958: 267–268, the relevé “84”). Shortly afterwards, Rivas-Martinez (1962) wrote briefly about Blechno-Fagetum, but without the attribute “ibericum”. Finally, Marinček (1970) published a comprehensive analytical table of the “ass. Blechno-Fagetum Ht. 1950, ex Marinček 1970” (cf. Marinček 1970: tab. 1) from Slovenia. In fact, within 38 relevés, two complexes were comprised by Marinček, namely the ass. Blechno-Fagetum (the relevés 1, 5–10, 15–17, 19–24 and 27-30) and the ass. Luzulo-Fagetum (the relevés 2–4, 12, 14, 18, 31–38).
The nomenclatural issuse concerning the ass. Blechno-Fagetum were discussed by both Marinček within the order Quercetalia roboris and the alliance Quercion robori-petreae with the note “Non: Blechno-Fagetum ibericum R. Tx. et Oberdorfer 1958” (Marinček and Zupančič 1995: 33). It seems that the works of Tüxen and Oberdorfer from 1958, and of Rivas-Martinez from 1962 were not available to these authors. The name “Blechno-Fagetum Tx. et Oberd. 1954” was published by Rivas-Martinez (1962) without the epithet “ibericum”, and such correction is fully in compliance with the Code. As we known, epithets and attributes based on geographical names became illegitime since the first syntaxonomic code (cf. Barkmanet al. 1976), and such practice was maintained later on (cf. Barkman et al. 1986, Weber et al. 2000).
Only recently Willner (2002) classified the ass. Blechno-Fagetum into the association Castaneo-Fagetum Marinček et Zupančič (1995). Finally, the latest data on the ass. Blechno-Fagetum as an indipendent association have been brought forward by Vukelić et al. (2003) on the basis of the data from Samoborsko gorje in Croatia. From the analytical table it can be seen that in Croatia, as well as in Slovenia, three complexes of acidophile beech forests are clearly distinguisshed, namely Castaneo-Fagetum Marinček et Zupančič 1995, Luzulo-Fagetum Meusel 1937 and Blechno-Fagetum (Ht. 1950) R. Tx. et Oberdorfer 1958, corr. Rivas-Martinez 1962.

Zečić, Ž., Poršinsky, T., Šušnjar, M. UDK 630* 305 + 242
Some Harvesting Results in Hilly Thinning Stands by Group Labor With a Review of Selection of Time Study Method     pdf     HR     EN 381
Prka, M. UDK 630* 523 (Fagus sylvatica L.)
Bark Thicknees of Common Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in Cutting Areas of Bilogora near Bjelovar     pdf     HR     EN 391
Krejči, V., Dubravac, T. UDK 630* 231 + 226 (Quercus ilex L.)
From Coppice Wood to High Forest of Evergreen Oak (Quercus Ilex L.) by Shelterwood Cutting     pdf     HR     EN 405
Crnković, S. UDK 630* 232.3 (Quercus robur L.)
Quantitative and Qualitative Properties of Common Oak Acorn (Quercus robur L.) in the Stands of the Basin of the Česma River     pdf     HR     EN 413
Zelić, J. UDK 630* 525 (quercus frainetto ten)
Preliminary Sortiment Tables for Italian Oak (Quercus Frainetto Ten)     pdf     HR     EN 431

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