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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Matić, S.
Some Problems Encountered by the Croatian Forestry in Today’s Economic, Social and Ecological Circumstances (from the Report at the 107th Annual Assembly of the Croatian Forestry Society in Županja).     PDF 211
Matić, S.
The Role of Forestry in the Protection of Drinking Water     PDF     HR     EN 217
Milković, I., Starčević, M., Pećarević, M. UDK 630* 611 + 116
The Role of Forestry in the National Fresh Water Monitoring, Protection and Conservation Programme in Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 219
Prpić, B. UDK 630* 263 + 181.3 + 48
The Effects of Technical Operations in the Area of Lowland Forests     pdf     HR     EN 230
Summary: Technical and especially water-technical interventions in the area of lowland forests in river valleys lead to changes in water relations in the sites and cause tree dieback in lowland ecosystems. Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) is particularly sensitive to changes. According to the observation of the damage status of pedunculate oak in Croatia in 2002 using the international ICP Forest method, about 10 million m3 trees of pedunculate oak are significantly damaged. Consequently, a very high share of dry trees with reduced technical value is expected in annual yields. Since in terms of participation pedunculate oak is the principal tree species of lowland forests with outstanding economic and ecological values, its dieback causes serious economic losses and immeasurable ecological damage.
The highest losses occur in forests if planned operations in the forest areas - roads, hydro power stations, canals, dams and others - are carried out without consulting the forestry profession. Damage resulting from putting the planned operations into practice is enormous from the standpoint of lost raw timber material, while from the standpoint of nature and environment protection it is practically immeasurable.
Dieback of pedunculate oak occurs in the forests which have previously been exposed to interventions that have changed water conditions in sites. These are the forest of Kupčina - due to the motorway and the Kupa-Kupa canal, the forests of Kalje and Turopoljski Lug - due to sectioning the forests, and the Sava-Odra canal, the forest of Žutica - due to sectioning the forest and oil pollution, the forests of Podravina near Varaždin, the forest of Repaš and the forest of Svibovica - affected by the hydropower stations Ormož, Varaždin and Dubrava and other factors.
The two current projects to be carried out in the forested areas of valleys: the hydropower station Novo Virje with a 25km-long accumulation lake and a canal and the Dunav-Sava navigable canal from Vukovar to Šamac (61 km), pose a serious threat to lowland forests. No account has been taken of the highly complicated hydrological system of lowland forests and the changes that these operations will cause in the water regime. The current state of relevant information on water conditions in the affected forest ecosystems is as follows: no reliable data can be obtained on the influence of the interventions and possible recovery programmes in the sense of preserving a favourable water regime for forests because of the number of monitoring points and the monitoring time series. It is recommended that any possible effects of the planned projects on the forests be reassessed by a board selected by the Croatian Forestry Society.
Starčević, T.
Supplement to the topic: The Role of Forestry within the National Programme of Recording, Protection and Conservation of Croatian Fresh Waters     PDF 235
Šugar, I. UDK 630* 17 (001)
A Contribution to Croatian Terminology of Plant Classification     pdf     HR     EN 237
Medvedović, J., Martinović, J., Vranković, A. UDK 630* 181.2 + 114
Continental Ecosystems of Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 249
Glavaš, M. UDK 630* 232.3 + 449 + 453 + 413 + 414
Plant Health Status and Protective Measures Taken in Forest Nurseries in 2002     pdf     HR     EN 257
Oluić, M., Oluić, D. UDK 630* 582 + 583
Land Use and Land Cover Mapping of Istria According to CORINE Programme     pdf     HR     EN 269

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