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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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PETREŠ, Stjepan UDK 630* 461 + 375 (001)
Damages on the Young Plants During the Timber Extraction by Cable Skidder LKT 81 T from the Final Cut of Pedunculate Oak     pdf     HR     EN 87
Idžojtić, M., M. Glavaš, M. Zebec, R. Pernar, B. Bradić, D. Husak UDK 630* 442 (001)
Yellow Mistletoe (Loranthus europaeus Jacq.) and White-berried Mistletoe (Viscum album L.) on the Area of the Forest Administration Bjelovar     pdf     HR     EN 101
Zelić, Juraj UDK 630* 652
Calculating the value of standing timber (forest tax) in regular stands of sessile oak     pdf     HR     EN 113
Summary: In the article considers, towards the actual formula for the calculation value the forest associations: Cn = C0 * 1,0p n, methods of calculations of percentage of increments of values (p), costs foundations forest association the natural way (C0), value forest association (Cn) for regular forest association the sessile-flowered oak of age 80, 85 and 105 year, ecological-management type (EGT-II-E-10).
Associations belong to the forest community Epimedio-Carpinetum betuli Ht. 1938, Illyrian forest of sessile-flowered oak and usual ditch (Vukelić and Rauš, 1998).
For the evaluation costs and forest fees choose model associations current cutting values (Sabadi, 1992), namely associations that has the distribution of number of trees and volumes along chest changing approximately the equal normal for certain the age, standing or ecologic-economic type.
Calculated coefficients asymmetries (b1) and fatnesses (b2) chosen model associations of sessile-flowered oak has shown how real model associations near “normal” associations.
On the basis of actual assortments the table for the sessile-flowered oak Croatian forests by wood prices of finished products Croatian forests establish values eighty-year-old associations, Cn = 97341,26 the kn / ha (346,50 the kn/ m3), eighty-five-year-old Cn = 104535,77 the kn / ha (346,32 the kn / m3) and one hundred-five-year-old 131783,14 the kn / ha (405,20 the kn / m3).
Standards of costs establishment sessile-flowered oak associations (C0) the natural restoration modified so what “as costs establishment” has been used legal standards separating for the biological reproduction, namely 23 % on the value marketing of forest product.
Proposes the calculation of percentage increments of values (p) along the logarithm function:
p = 8,870 3,692 log n,
and costs being founded associations (C0) along the linear function:
C0 = 2846,718 + 315,859 n.
Knowing of all parameters in the formula for the determine of values of forest associations of determined age (n) and costs of exploitation of forests (En) along the unit of the wooden sentiment (the kn / m3) has been established the forest fee (the price woods on the tree stump) along Bartha’s formula:
Šn = (Cn / 1,0 pn) - En.
If for the calculation of the forest fees uses of normal (Bezak i et al, 1995) for EGT-II-E-10 and all known parameters for the calculation of forest fee along Bartha’s formula, then the forest fee for associations of sessile-flowered oak determines ages (n) can calculate along the formula:
Št = 214,772 + 5,481 n + 0,020 n2.
For the eighty-year-aged sessile-flowered association has been defined that the BEP or the break-even level of income (TP) in sixty-five-year-aged.
Key words: BEP or the break-even level of income.; current cutting edges value associations; forest fee; model normally; percent share of wood along thickness classes; percentage increments of values; price list; standard for the biological reproduction and regeneration
Krznar, Tomislav, Josip Čulig, Krunoslav Pintur, Nina Popović, Luka Štilinović UDK 630* 156
Is hunting in opposed to the protection of nature     pdf     HR     EN 125

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