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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Matić, S., Oršanić, M., Anić, I. UDK 630*221.4.001
Some Features and Problems Concerning Silver Fir (Abies alba Mill.) Selection Forests in Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 91
Hrašovec, B., Margaletić, J. UDK 630*449 : 323.3.001
Seed Pests and their Impact on Reforestation Efforts in Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 101
Španjol, Ž. UDK 502.7.001
Environmental Protection in the Republic of Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 107
Summary: The history of human society has always been accompanied by constant struggle of man for survival and prosperity. In this struggle there has always been a pressure on the nature´s environment and resources. Man has been trying to subdue nature by regulating its laws. However, as Joan Dorst put it, "Conservation and rational use of nature´s riches started at the time when man came to earth ".

Organized development of nature´s preservation, from its beginning until today, may be grouped in three global periods. First there are areas of exceptional value and beauty, the first occasional examples of protection that were at the time satisfactory. The second period began with the urbanization and industrialization, with requirements for better and more organized protection. In the middle of last century protection was thus regulated by law. The third period regards nature protection as a complex and intricate issue, involving global action and movements, aiming at sustainable economic development in harmony with the environment.

In Croatia the idea of nature protection appeared at the same time as in other world, but first with our naturalists who spread their ideas through their journals, some of which have been coming out for over one century, and belong to the oldest publications of the kind in all world: Šumarski list 1877; Glasnik Hrvatskoga naravoslovnoga društva 1886; Lovačko-ribarski viestnik 1892; Hrvatski planinar 1898; Priroda 1911; Zaštita prirode 1939. Active protection began with passing the first laws and regulations at the end of the century: Law on Hunting 1893; Law on Protection of Caves 1900; etc. Numerous societies and boards were established, such as Croatian Naturalists´ Society in 1885; Society for Management and Care of Plitvice Lakes and Surroundings in 1808, established within the Naturalists´ Society; Board for Protection of Nature Monuments in 1922; and others.

The legislative regulating environmental issues is primarily based on the Croatian Constitution (1992) and the Declaration on the Protection of Environment in the Republic of Croatia. There are numerous other laws and regulations involving all spheres of human activities: environment, nature, water, forest, agricultural land, sea, mining resources, air, noise, development, waste, hazardous waste, health protection, radiation, hunting and fishing, veterinary medicine, economy, financing, safety, science, culture and education, crime. There is a long list of international agreements in which the Republic of Croatia has been a party according to the nostrification on succession.

A great number of scientific and public institutions, non-governmental associations and movements, are also involved in the environmental care.

According to the Law on Nature Protection, there are 746 protected areas in Croatia, covering 447,197.17 ha, or 7.30 of Croatian territory. Areas of special protection have been divided in 9 categories:

number area

1. National park 7 69420,00 ha 2. Nature park 6 317502,00 ha 3. Strict reserve 2 2395,35 ha 4. Special reserve (forest:32) 70 31680,09 ha 5. Park forest 23 7659,91 ha 6. Protected scenery 28 17544,52 ha 7. Natural monument 72 82,87 ha 8. Architectural park monument 114 912,43 ha 9. Plant species 44 Animal species 380 746 447197,17 ha

Protected nature areas within the natural and cultural heritage should have a place in the prosperity of our country, together with sustainable development of the country´s economic potentials.
Key words: The Republic of Croatia; environmental protection; legislative; organizational protection system
Borzan, Ž., Idžojtić, M., Guttenberger, H. UDK 630*165.42.001 (Picea omorika Panč.)
Research on the Standardization of Gymnosperm Karyotypes using Picea Omorica as an Example     pdf     HR     EN 121
Sever, S. UDK 630*31+903+681 (497.13).001
Some Experience in the Attempt to Define Logging Strategies in Croatia, a Country in Transition     pdf     HR     EN 133
Horvat, D., Sever, S. UDK 631*352.5+319.4 : 630*232.326.2+236.9 : 631*072.16.001
Mulching Flail Mower - one Method for Mechanization of Stand Establishment and Treatment Operations     pdf     HR     EN 143
Krpan, A. P. B. UDK 630*379.001
Problem of Skidding Timber in Croatian Lowland Forests     pdf     HR     EN 151
Horvat, D., Sever, S. UDK 630*375.M--015.2 (234.5) : 630*377.2.001
Some Properties of the Skidders Used Mountain Forest Stand Thinning     pdf     HR     EN 157
Goglia, V., Horvat, D., Risović, S., Sever, S. UDK 332.14.839.31+861.0.001
Past and the Future of the Forest Biomass Utilization in Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 163
Kušan, V. UDK 630*587.001
The Approach to Remote Sensing and GIS in Croatian Forestry     pdf     HR     EN 171
Tomanić, S. UDK 630*689.001
Choise of Subject of Research in Forest Operations     pdf     HR     EN 179
Goglia, V. UDK 630*362.7-015.21(083.7)001
Parameters Influenting the Vibration Level of Portable Chain Saw     pdf     HR     EN 187
Goglia, V., Beljo, R. UDK 630*822.34:621*935+9.02.001
Lateral Movement of the Band Saw Blade and Machine´s own Resistance Power in Relation to the Strain Force     pdf     HR     EN 195
Korpel, Š. UDK 630*228.81+221.4.001
Development and Strukture of Beech-Fir Virgin Forests and their Application to the Selection Forest Management     pdf     HR     EN 203

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