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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Matić, S., Oršanić, M., Anić, I. UDK 630*221.4.001
Some Features and Problems Concerning Silver Fir (Abies alba Mill.) Selection Forests in Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 91
Hrašovec, B., Margaletić, J. UDK 630*449 : 323.3.001
Seed Pests and their Impact on Reforestation Efforts in Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 101
Summary: Seed pests can significantly lessen natural regeneration and hamper silvicultural reforestation practices in modern forestry. The most important pests are highly specialized forest insects that thrive on tree seed crops. Our research focused on seed pests of the most important forest tree species in Croatia. Surveys were made in typical forest communities including lowland oak forests, mixed fir and beech stands and the Mediterranean belt of holm oak forest. Major research emphasis was on acorn pests from lowland forests of pedunculate oak, Quercus robur.

Losses of acorn crops due to seminiphagous insects ranged from 4 to 25. In some areas small rodents were equally important, causing acorn losses up to 18. Four species of acorn weevils were identified. The most numerous was Curculio glandium Marsh. Extensive ground surveys for buried larvae revealed their spatial distribution and provided details of their biology. Field trials were used to evaluate protection measures for applied control. The entomopathogenic fungus Metarrhizium anisopliae (Mitach.) Sor., was the most consistent natural suppression agent throughout the study area. Soil dwelling larvae of Curculio species were killed by this widely distributed fungus, which often reduced their populations to non-pest levels. Other acorn pests included Cydia splendana Hb., C. amplana Hb. and Andricus quercus calicis Burgs.

Conifer cones and seed were attacked by several species of conophagous and seminiphagous insects: Dioryctria abietella Den. et Schiff., Barbara herrichiana Obr., Megastigmus suspectus Borr., Earomyia impossibile Morge and Resseliella piceae Seit. on common silver fir; Ernobius abietis Fabr., Laspeyresia strobillela L. on common spruce, and C. strobilella and Pissodes validirostris Gyll. on Austrian pine cones.

Further investigation on the biology, potential of biological control and the effects of crop size are continuing for these seed pests.
Španjol, Ž. UDK 502.7.001
Environmental Protection in the Republic of Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 107
Borzan, Ž., Idžojtić, M., Guttenberger, H. UDK 630*165.42.001 (Picea omorika Panč.)
Research on the Standardization of Gymnosperm Karyotypes using Picea Omorica as an Example     pdf     HR     EN 121
Sever, S. UDK 630*31+903+681 (497.13).001
Some Experience in the Attempt to Define Logging Strategies in Croatia, a Country in Transition     pdf     HR     EN 133
Horvat, D., Sever, S. UDK 631*352.5+319.4 : 630*232.326.2+236.9 : 631*072.16.001
Mulching Flail Mower - one Method for Mechanization of Stand Establishment and Treatment Operations     pdf     HR     EN 143
Krpan, A. P. B. UDK 630*379.001
Problem of Skidding Timber in Croatian Lowland Forests     pdf     HR     EN 151
Horvat, D., Sever, S. UDK 630*375.M--015.2 (234.5) : 630*377.2.001
Some Properties of the Skidders Used Mountain Forest Stand Thinning     pdf     HR     EN 157
Goglia, V., Horvat, D., Risović, S., Sever, S. UDK 332.14.839.31+861.0.001
Past and the Future of the Forest Biomass Utilization in Croatia     pdf     HR     EN 163
Kušan, V. UDK 630*587.001
The Approach to Remote Sensing and GIS in Croatian Forestry     pdf     HR     EN 171
Tomanić, S. UDK 630*689.001
Choise of Subject of Research in Forest Operations     pdf     HR     EN 179
Goglia, V. UDK 630*362.7-015.21(083.7)001
Parameters Influenting the Vibration Level of Portable Chain Saw     pdf     HR     EN 187
Goglia, V., Beljo, R. UDK 630*822.34:621*935+9.02.001
Lateral Movement of the Band Saw Blade and Machine´s own Resistance Power in Relation to the Strain Force     pdf     HR     EN 195
Korpel, Š. UDK 630*228.81+221.4.001
Development and Strukture of Beech-Fir Virgin Forests and their Application to the Selection Forest Management     pdf     HR     EN 203

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