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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Mrva, F. UDK 630* 165.62.001/2
Significance of Clonal Archives in Gene Pool Conservation and Forest Tree Breeding     pdf     HR     EN 203
Karavla, J. UDK 630* 232.5:272
The Parks of Samobor (near Zagreb) and their Dendrological Importance     pdf     HR     EN 221
Summary: Within a 20 km, distance from Zagreb on the eastern slopes of the Samoborsko Gorje Mountains lies the tawn of Samobor at the beginning of the Lipovačka and Rudarska Dolina Valleys. In consideration of the geographical position of Samobor and its environs were the parks are situated— and with regard to ecological characteristics i.e. the climate soil and natur vegetation cover, by made endrological invertoryng (1968, 1988 and 1990 years) we find the marks about many exzotic they are vary interest of scientific for botany, silviculture, horticulture and landscape gardening, as well as regarding recreation, tourism and cultural history.

In the area of parks, of Samobor there occur according to a dendrological inventoryng a total of 161 taxons (species, varietas and forms), of wich conifers number 45 and breadleaved 116.

Gymnosperms Dicotyledons Monocotyledons Total Europa 6 10 -16 Asia 14 45 -59 Minor Asija 3 1 -4 North America 12 29 -41 South America -2 -2 Cultivars and Hybrids 10 29 -39

Total 45 116 161

In parks can be observed and studied the ecological relations with regard to the biological characters of individual species. It is especially interesting the study of acclimatization of particular species growing in the warmer parts of this country and wich adapted themselvs to the conditions of climate and microclimate of the sites of the Samobor region. For horticulture and forestry
Lneniček, Z. UDK 630* 624
Development of Planning systems in »Hrvatske šume« p.o. Zagreb     pdf     HR     EN 235
Kondres, D. UDK 630* 95
Forest Management of the »MACELJ« Management Unit     pdf     HR     EN 241

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