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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
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Should forest pay for everything?     pdf     HR     EN 5
Tomislav Poršinsky, Vlado Petreković, Andreja Đuka UDK 630* 523 (001)
Bark thickness of wild cherry in timber scaling     pdf     HR     EN 7
Stjepan Kvesić, Dalibor Ballian, Mirzeta Memišević Hodžić UDK 630* 164 (001)
Leaf variability of field maple populations (Acer campestre L.) in Bosnia and Herzegovina     pdf     HR     EN 15
Morphological variability of 25 populations of field maple (Acer campestre L.) in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina was researched. Morphometric investigation of intrapopulation and interpopulation variability was based on 19 morphological leaf traits, using descriptive and univariate statistical analyses. Leaf petiole length showed the highest variability, while calculated trait of the ratio between
the maximum legth and maximum width of the leaf showed the lowest variability. Calculated traits were less variable than measured traits, indicating lower variation of leaf shape than leaf dimension. Variance analyses showed statistically significant differences between populations in all analyzed leaf traits. Multiple testing showed a higher interpopular than intrapopular variability in all measured traits except two traits of the geometric data scale (angle of the veins). Unlike measured leaf traits, all calculated leaf traits showed higher intrapopulation than interpopulation variability. The most divergent population, on the one hand, was Trebinje population, with most of the minimum mean values of the leaf, while on the other hand the most divergent was Banja Luka population, whith most of the maximum mean values of the leaf. The obtained results can serve as a basis for further research into other parts of the distribution range of the species, in the purpose of determining the interaction influence of ecological, geographical, climatic and migration factors on the overall morphological variability of field maple populations.

Key words: field maple; leaf; morphological variability.
Osman Mujezinović, Kenan Zahirović, Milivoj Franjević, Mirza Dautbašić UDK 630* 443 (001)
Trophic preferences and influence of beech weevil on the damaged leaf area of beech trees in Bosnia and Herzegovina     pdf     HR     EN 27
Sercan Gulci UDK 630*360 (001)
Productivity of a farm tractor with single drum winch during whole-tree timber extraction     pdf     HR     EN 35
Vania Kachova, Angel Ferezliev UDK 630*261 (001)
Improved characteristics of Populus sp. ecosystems by agroforestry practices     pdf     HR     EN 45
Natalie Levandovska, Jaromir Kolejka, Božena Šera, Hubert Zarnovičan UDK 630* 270 + 907
The recreational potential of urban forests – an application of the assessment method     pdf     HR     EN 53
Zvonimir Ištvan UDK 630* 902
145 year of forestry in Podravina     pdf     HR     EN 65
Drago Biondić UDK 630* 762 + 799
Integral performance index of small and medium wood industrial financial products     pdf     HR     EN 75

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