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Znanstveno-stručno i staleško glasilo
Hrvatskoga šumarskoga društva
Journal of Forestry Society of Croatia
      Prvi puta izašao 1877. godine i neprekidno izlazi do današnjeg dana
   ISSN No.: 0373-1332              UDC 630*
upute autorima


Prpić, B., Seletković, Z. i Ivkov, M. UDK 630*432.9:56.001/2 (497.13)
Crown Damage of the Main Tree Species in Croatia in Relation to the Radial Increment     pdf     HR     EN 3
Komlenović, N. UDK 630*424.7.001 (Quercus robur L.)
Relationship Between the Damage Occurring in the Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur, L.) and Its Nutrition     pdf     HR     EN 11
Grubešić, M. UDK 630*151.2 (497.13) (Castor fiber L.)
Potential Habitats of the Beaver in Croatia and the Possibility of Its Re-inhabitation     pdf     HR     EN 17
Majera, M., Manojlović, L. i Brna, J. UDK 630*639.1 (Dama dama L.)
Contribution to Investigation of Profitability the Fallow Deer Farming (Dama dama L.)     pdf     HR     EN 27
Krstinić, A., Kajba, D. UDK 630*232.5 (Populus sec. Aigeiros)
Clone Collection of Pure Species and Hybrids of Poplars from Section Aigeiros in the Republic of Croatia - Their Importance for the improvement and the silviculture     pdf     HR     EN 33
Summary: In the Republic of Croatia in total 102 clones of Black Poplars pure species and hybrids are registered. Out of 28 clones which are reproduced in tree nurseries, most are hybrids between the Eastern Cottonwood and the European Black Poplar (P. x euramericana IDodelGuinier). Recently, a significant increase of clones of the Eastern Cottonwood (P. deltoides Bartr.) has been determined, that is not in conformity with European trends. In the work the importance of hybrids of Black Poplars, the Eastern Cottonwood and some other exotic poplar species from the aspect of the improvement and silviculture is analyzed, too.
Key words: Populus nigra; P. deltoides; P. x euramericana
Dimitrov, T. UDK 630*431 (497.13 - Jadransko područje)
Influence of Weather Conditions on the Occeurrence of Forest Fires Along the Adriatic Coast and Islands During 1993.     pdf     HR     EN 39

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