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total stand volume values were greater than Yeşil’s (1992) findings until 40 years of age and were lower than to the values reported by Yeşil (1992), and Çatal (2009) after 40 years of age (Figure 7b). Values reported for age 60 for the total stand volume were 358.7 m3/ha in Alemdağ (1962), 622.0 m3/ha in this study, 670.9 m3/ha in Erkan (1995), 712.0 m3/ha in Yeşil (1992) and 857.6 m3/ha by Çatal (2009).
CAI tends to increase up to a certain age and then decreases sharply with increasing age of stands in all studies. CAI by Alemdağ (1962) was consistently lower than all other studies up to age 55, while the values determined by Shater et al. (2011) were smaller after 55 years for good site. The value CAI determined in this study was larger than that determined by Alemdağ (1962), Erkan (1995), Shater et al. (2011) after 50 years and by Çatal (2009) after 80 years for good site (Figure 8). The MAI tends to increase and reach a maximum up to a certain age and then slowly decrease or remain almost the same over time. The age at which the maximum MAI was reached was 40 years in Palahí et al. (2008), 50 years in Erkan (1995) and Shater et al. (2011), 55