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According to the forest fire statistics between 1999 and 2016, about 38% of the fires are caused by lightning, 36% by intention, 19% by negligence and carelessness, 6% by unknown reasons, and 1% by electricity transformer. Within this 17-year period,517.20 ha of forest land was damaged as a result of 468 forest fires recorded in the study area (Table 1) (GDF, 2016). There are five fire lookout towers in Köyceğiz FED including Kandil, Ölemez, Ēiēekbaba, Buyancık, and Kepez. The location and the elevation information of the current fire lookout towers were obtained from Köyceğiz FED (Table 2).
Generating GIS Database – Stvaranje baze podataka GIS-a
The success of the visibility analysis of lookout towers mostly depends on an accurate Digital Terrain Model (DTM). In this study, a DTM of Köyceğiz FED was generated based on ASTER satellite imagery (2011) with a 15 mx 15 m spatial resolution. ASTER is a high resolution imaging instrument that produces remote sensing images in 14 different wavelengths. In addition, ASTER is widely used in the production of DTMs because it is easily accessible and able to produce high resolution stereo images (Bignone and Umakawa, 2008; Trisakti and Julzarika, 2011). Based on the DTM data, the slope map of FED was generated using “Raster Surface” tool in ArcGIS 10.4.
In order to evaluate forest lands that can be observed from the lookout towers, a digital layer representing the forest land is necessary. Using the ArcGIS 10.4 program, the digital data layer of forest land in the study area was generated based on a land use type map (1:25000) which was obtained from Köyceğiz FED. A boundary data layer was used