prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

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Statistical Analysis – Statistička analiza
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) was performed to determine the effects of initial planting density on mean diameter, tree height, H/D ratio, live crown ratio, form quotient, stem volume, branch and stem dry biomass, total aboveground dry biomass, maximum diameter of live and dead branches, and height to lowest live and dead branches according to the randomized block design with three replications (P <0.05). Normality distribution was tested and controlled for all variables before ANOVA was performed. Treatment means were separated by Duncan’s New Multiple Range Test (P <0.05).  When choosing the best volume and dry biomass regression models (Loetsch et al. 1973), the criterion of having the largest adjusted-R-squared values (R2) was taken into account along with the lowest standard error. The statistical analyses were performed via SPSS 21.0 for Windows software (IBM SPSS Inc.).
Mortality – Mortalitet
Ten years after planting, tree mortality had not occurred in any of the initial planting density treatment plots.
Tree Growth – Rast stabla
The initial planting density had no significant effect on the mean diameter, and the mean diameter for all planting densities was approximately 7.0 cm (P >0.05). The mean DBH values according to initial planting densities are given in Table 3. Mean tree height increased with increasing initial planting density. The mean tree height in the initial planting density of 3333 stem ha-1 was 9.6 m, 25% higher than in the planting densities of 1111 and 1667 stem ha-1 (Table 3).