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the maximum legth and maximum width of the leaf showed the lowest variability. Calculated traits were less variable than measured traits, indicating lower variation of leaf shape than leaf dimension. Variance analyses showed statistically significant differences between populations in all analyzed leaf traits. Multiple testing showed a higher interpopular than intrapopular variability in all measured traits except two traits of the geometric data scale (angle of the veins). Unlike measured leaf traits, all calculated leaf traits showed higher intrapopulation than interpopulation variability. The most divergent population, on the one hand, was Trebinje population, with most of the minimum mean values of the leaf, while on the other hand the most divergent was Banja Luka population, whith most of the maximum mean values of the leaf. The obtained results can serve as a basis for further research into other parts of the distribution range of the species, in the purpose of determining the interaction influence of ecological, geographical, climatic and migration factors on the overall morphological variability of field maple populations.
Key words: field maple, leaf, morphological variability.