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Mechanisms of financing the protected area management system in Serbia
Mehanizmi financiranja sustava upravljanja zaštićenim područjima u Srbiji
Ilija Đorđević, Nenad Ranković, Jelena Nedeljković, Jelena Tomićević-Dubljević, Dragan Nonić, Stjepan Posavec, Goran Češljar
The financing of protected area (PA) management includes the interaction of different actors that are involved in the process of management and financing, i.e., from the management framework to the mechanisms of financing. The management framework sets the basic preconditions for PA management, while the mechanisms of financing represent the ways of financing PAs based on the long-term and sustainable conditions. The management of PAs in Serbia has mostly been done by public enterprises (PE). It was given to non-governmental organizations (NGO) for the first time in the late 1990s. Today, the management is carried out by different managers from the public sector (PS) to the private sector (PrS). This research deals with different financing mechanisms present in PAs in Serbia. Additionally, it deals with the differences in the financing between different management actors (MA) in order to establish the best financing practices in the PA management system in Serbia. The results indicate that public enterprise “Srbijašume” (PES) has the lowest average number of financial sources, unlike public enterprise “Vojvodinašume” (PEV). Regarding the average amount of financing, other managers from the public sector (OPS) have the largest amount of financing, while other public enterprises (OPE) record the smallest amount of their own financing. In order to improve the use of mechanisms for the PA management system financing, additional training for the use of funds is proposed at national and international level, as well as external, i.e., additional engagement of agencies that would prepare projects at international level. It is also proposed to establish a specific mechanism – a fund intended for nature protection.
Key words: protected areas, mechanisms of financing, management actors, Serbia
PAs contribute to the environmental, social and economic goals of sustainable development through the support of ecosystem functioning, promotion of sustainable use of renewable resources and provision of space for tourism and recreation (Philips 1998). They are defined as areas that have “…specific geological, ecosystem and/or landscape