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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/2019 str. 32     <-- 32 -->        PDF

We researched the morphological variability of 25 populations of field maple (Acer campestre L.) in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Morphometric research of intrapopulation and interpopulation variability was based  on ten morphological traits of the fruit, using descriptive and univariate statistical analyses. Measured trait of fruit petiole length showed the highest variability and calculated charac­teristic proportion of width and length of seed showed the lowest variability. Measured traits of fruit were more variable than calculated traits, suggesting less variation in shape than the size of fruits. By analysing ­variance, we found statistically significant differences between populations in all analysed fruit traits. However, for most traits (eight out of nine), there was a higher intrapopulation than interpopulation variability. The obtained results can serve as a basis for further research in other parts of the species ­distribution range, with the aim of determining the interaction of ecological, geographical, climatic and migration factors on the overall morphological variability of field maple populations.
Key words: field maple, fruit, morphometric analysis, morphological variability