prilagođeno pretraživanje po punom tekstu

ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/2018 str. 34     <-- 34 -->        PDF

In this research, based on the earliest appearance of the phases no differentiation between any of the provenances could be made. Bijeljina provenance entered phase B slightly earlier in 2012, while in 2013 it entered phase B at the same time as all the other groups. With the Bosanska Dubica provenance we observed lateness with all the phases in both years, however when compared to the other groups it averages a delay of 7-10 days and considering the location is in a mountainous conditions we can safely confirm that it is a matter of late form.
It should be noted that the obtained results already have great possibility of implementation in breeding programme of pedunculate oak as well as in conservation of genetic variability with in situ and ex situ methods. The obtained results should be used for planning, repopulation and reintroduction of pedunculate oak in Bosnia and Hercegovina. This research should be done further and in more depth to obtain an even more details picture about the phenology of pedunculate oak and further research would help to establish the early and late forms while taking the weather and its effects into consideration.
Key words: phenology, provenances, pedunculate oak