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These two species create a wood edge leading down to the Sava River and suppress almost all other plants of the shrub floor, with a tendency to suppress already sparse vegetation of the ground floor. The most important environmental factors influencing the development and spreading of invasive plants in Obrenovački Zabran are light and temperature, which are most pronounced in the embankment area. Also, a strong anthropogenic influence, i.e., high frequency of users, has led to introduction and presence of invasive plant species in the area. The greatest number of determined invasive plant species belong to the family Asteraceae (nine species), then to the families Fabaceae and Poaceae (with two species each), whereas the other families had a single invasive species each.
Research results should provide a basis for development of strategies for monitoring the state of unwanted species and planning measures of their reduction in order to protect the autochthonous flora. Only careful and responsible management of the natural area would maintain the abundance of these species at the current level.
KEY WORDS: Sava River, Obrenovački Zabran, invasive species, environment protection, nature protection