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Cryptocepha­linae are represented by 15 species from 2 genera (15.16%), Clytrinae include 13 species from 5 genera (13.13%), Cas­si­dinae were present with 10 species from 3 genera (10.10%), Criocerinae contain 6 species from 4 genera (6.06%) and Galerucinae include 6 species from 4 genera (6.06%). Subfamilies Donaciinae, Eumolpinae, Hispinae and Orsodacninae are represented by one species each (1.01% each).
Leaf beetles were collected from 128 plant species from 84 genera and 26 families. Of these plants, 110 species from 69 genera and 19 families belong to class Magnoliopsida, while 18 species from 15 genera and 7 families are from class Liliopsida. From the total number of collected leaf beetles, 90 species from 35 genera and 9 subfamilies were caught on plants belonging to Magnoliopsida, and 9 species from 7 genera and 4 subfamilies were found on Liliopsida (Table 1).
In relation to the results by Груев (1984, 1986), who last researched the Chrysomelidae fauna of Mt. Fruška Gora, a far greater number of species, genera and subfamilies were found in our research. Груев (1984, 1986) listed the existence of 51 species from 18 genera and 4 subfamilies. However, presence of 36 of these species (26 species of Alticinae, 3 species of Cassidinae and 7 species of Chrysomelinae) was not confirmed in our study. Together with Груев’s results, leaf beetle fauna of Mt. Fruška Gora incorporates 135 species from 46 genera and 11 subfamilies. Fauna Europaea lists the species Cryptocephalus decemmaculatus (Linnaeus, 1758) as distributed within the territory of the former country Serbia and Montenegro, but without detailed information (Audisio 2013). Records of this species on Mt. Fruška Gora confirm its presence in Serbia.