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can overlap, although this is not indicated here. Based on the indicators, we identified five alternatives, which take all indicators into account but emphasize some more than others; these are: biodiversity, where the main importance is given to nature protection and protection of rare and endangered species; environmental advantages, which focuses on oxygen, carbon, water, climate, etc.; benefits for people, which emphasizes recreation, education, timber, water, air, and aesthetic value; the development of tourism; and economic issues, the most important of which is timber production.
The decision tree of goals, criteria, and alternatives is presented in Figure 3.
We selected five stakeholders, all of whom have been also involved in the NATREG project, to pairwise compare all alternatives according to all SWOT factors. We proposed that all stakeholders’ opinions are equally important. We used geometric mean (Saaty and Peniwati 2008) to aggregate the individual pairwise comparisons into group comparisons, which were gathered in group comparison matrices.