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one was more opened in 26th August and replaced by fourth in 31st August which was not more opened late. Number of trapped beetles was counted in accuracy of 1 beetle. In case of numerous samples (more the 35 beetles), the calibrated glass cylinder was used for this purpose (1 ml of beetles = 35 specimens of I. typographus).
Software STATISTICA 9.1 was utilized to the data analysis. The following procedure was made repeatedly for each check. At first, the differences of trapped beetles (ECOLURE CLASSIC – ECOLURE MEGA) in each pair of traps were calculated. The normality of the differences was tested by Shapiro-Wilk W test. Convenient transformation function was applied on origin data to remove non-normality from the differences. T-test for dependent samples was used on such data. Wilcoxon matched pairs test was applied on data where didn’t find convenient transformation function.
Relative efficiency was calculated for each checking like rate of number trapped beetles to the trap lured by ECOLURE CLASSIC divided by number of beetles trapped to the trap lured by ECOLURE MEGA (C/M index).
All trapped beetles were continuously fixed in ethyl-alcohol in one container for each type of dispenser separately during all season. One hundred beetles from each container were sampled to examination of male portion. Sexes were determined with use to dissection of genitals. Character of obtained data doesn’t allow statistic testing of this part of research.
Prikupljeni podaci
During the whole season 179,477 beetle were trapped to the all 40 pheromone traps. 32 % of all were captured to the pheromone traps lured by ECOLURE MEGA and 68 % to the traps lured by ECOLURE CLASSIC. It means that ECOLURE CLASSIC was 2.1 times more effective then ECOLURE MEGA.
Total numbers of trapped beetles for each checking and both types of dispensers is presented on Fig. 1. The figure show usual course of number trapped beetles. There are two obvious peaks representing peaks of spring (May 20th) and of summer (July 12th) swarming.
Usporedba učinkovitosti
The traps lured by ECOLURE CLASSIC captured always more count of beetles than ECOLURE MEGA (from 1.1 to 112.4 times more – see Fig. 1 on C/M index). Differences