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I. Mihoci & M. Franjević: RAREAND THREATENED GEOMETRID MOTH Erannis ankeraria IN CROATIA: ... Šumarski list br. 7–8, CXXXV (2011), 353-360

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION– Rezultati i rasprava

Presented results are compiled from records published
in papers, data from collections of Croatian and
Slovenian museums and unpublished field data. The
oldest published papers on occurrence of theAngoran
Umberin Croatia date back to the beginning of the XX
century. Herman Stauder published the first find of the
Angoran Umber in Castelli near Spalato (Split, Dalmatia)
(male specimen deposited in the collection H
SMNH) (Naufock, 1915, Stauder, 1924, Hafner,
1994) andAlbert Naufock recorded a male specimens
in Pola (Pula, southern Istria) (Naufock,
1915). There is an additional published record of
species occurrence in forest Repaš in Podravina(Kovačević
& Franjević-Oštrec, 1978) but the
identification of that/those specimen/s could not be
confirmed because of no voucher specimen/s.

Reviewing entomological collections we found that
specimensidentified asE. ankerariaare not deposited
in the collections(*) or have been misidentified(**)
(RKM*; BFF and HFF*; I CNHM** (redet. E. defoliaria);
G CNHM** (redet. E. defoliaria). In collections
specimens ofE. ankerariaare not present. Reviewing
H SMNH in Ljubljana valid identificationof specimen


collected by Stauder on March 15 1908 in Kaštel Stari
(Castelli) (Hafner,1994) was confirmed (Fig.1).

As for almost 100 years there were no new or confirmed
records of this moth in Croatia, there is a great
lack in knowledge on species presence and distribution.
As light trapping yielded no results, in future research
pheromone trapping should be considered. Chemical,
pheromone communication among insect sexes is

Figure 1 Male specimen ofErannis ankerariafrom Kaštel Stari, Croatia deposited in the Hafner’scollection Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slika 1. Mužjak Erannis ankerarias lokaliteta Kaštel Stari, Hrvatska pohranjen u Hafnerovoj zbirci leptira u Ljubljani, Slovenija
(Photo –Foto: dr. sc. Nikola Tvrtković)