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ŠUMARSKI LIST 1-2/2007 str. 76     <-- 76 -->        PDF

R. Sabadi: PROMOCIJA ŠUMSKIH I DRVNIH PROIZVODA SAJMOVANJEM Šumarski list br. 1–2, CXXXI (2007), 61-74
countries, in less inhabited, neverthelss its wood consumption is relativelly
high, but significant quantities have traditionally to find market abroad, Exhibition-
fair, old for centuries in Croatia, and in its modern shape exsisting already
for more than 90 years, has been established as important promotive
activity of Croatian products and services, as everywhere, is passing through
structural crisis, caused by tremendous development of communications and
easy and free quick movement of capital, goods, people and seervices.

Performed analysis in this paper shows tha exhibiting as one of marketing
promotive methods should be ssubmitted to careful analysis, and adapted to
the newly created situation.

Key words: Exhibitions-Fairs – Marketing of forest and forest industries
products and services – Non-Monetary services from forests – Produc

s ption of
ff marketable goods