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J. Vukelić, D. Racić i D. Baričević: ŠUMA JELE I CRNOGA GRABA (Ostryo-Abietetum/Fukarek 1963/... Šumarski list br. 9–10, CXXX (2006), 387-397
Biokovo. Plant nomenclature was adjusted according to Ehrendorfer
(1973), while plant-sociological affiliation and biological form of the species
were based on the work generally used for this purpose.

Phytocoenological research into the stands of the community Ostryo-
Abietetum in Vinodol showed syntaxonomic affiliation in the sense of
Marinček et al. (1993) in accordance with international syntaxonomic
rules (We b e r et al. 2000). A total of 84 species were registered in ten phytocoenological
relevés. On average, there were 41 species per relevé. Abies
alba prevails in the dominant layer, Ostrya carpinifolia in the intermediate
layer and thermophilic species of the order Quercetalia pubescentis in the
shrub layer. The layer of herbaceous vegetation is dominated by the species of
the order Fagetalia and the alliance Aremonio-Fagion and by the thermophilic
species Sesleria autumnalis.

The forest phytocoenosis of fir with hop hornbeam occurs over approximately
250 ha in the study area (Racić 2001). Compared to past phytocoenological
relevés of this community in Croatia, 54 new species have been
registered. Those of mesophilic character and beech forests prevail, which
completes the knowledge of the phytocoenosis Ostryo-Abietetum. In relation
to the stands on Biokovo, 46 species of predominantly thermophilic character
are absent, including Lonicera alpigena and Pulmonaria visianii, which were
initially classified as characteristic species of the association. The species
Hepatica nobilis, with frequent presence of sessile oak in the tree layer, occurs
abundantly in Vinodol stands. Stands of the community Ostryo-Abietetum are
mainly protective coppices with a permanently open canopy and density of
about 50 %.

Key words: Ostryo-Abietetum, Vinodol hinterland, floral composition,
ecological conditions.