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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/2005 str. 78     <-- 78 -->        PDF

I. Božičević: KARLOVAC SREDIŠTE ŠUMARSTVA HRVATSKE VOJNE GRANICE Šumarski list br. 11–12, CXXIX (2005), 623-632
Summary: In February two hundred and forty years ago, the first Forest
Management Office was founded in the City of Karlovac. The first Forest
Manager was the Forester (Waldmeister) Dragutin Franzoni, and the first
foresters were employed across the territory of the Croatian Military Border.
The first forest offices were opened. All these events were preceded by the very
first forest surveying of the Croatian Military Border, with the making of the
first maps. The first forest management was carried out by the first forest estimators,
the expert technical staff in military uniforms under a specialist
supervision of the engineer major Pirker. These expert forest activities were
carried out under the supervision of the General’s Staff in Karlovac.

This article is a token to the first Forester Franzoni, the Head of the first
Forest Management Office of the Karlovac General’s Staff. It is in memory of
Engineer-Major Pirker, the estimator of the first forest survey of the Croatian
Military Border. It also commemorates all forestry staff, foresters and gamekeepers
on the 240th anniversary of these activities on the territory of the
Military Border, the city of Karlovac, and in the first forest offices in Oštarije
on the mountain of Velebit, in Krasno Polje, and in Muljava in the forest of
Petrova Gora.

Key words: Croatian Military Border, beginning of organised forestry.