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ŠUMARSKI LIST 7-8/2004 str. 31     <-- 31 -->        PDF

Ž. Zečić, T. PorSinsky, M. Šušnjar: NEKI REZULTATI EKSPLOATACIJE BRDSKIH SASTOJINA ... Šumarski list br. 7-8, CXXVIII (2004), 381-389

of wood in a group labour effort. It also illustrates some of the results of the
research. The study was conducted in a beech thinning, 55 years old in the
mountainous region of the Central Pannonian Mountains at an altitude of
550 and 700 m above sea level. The mean breast height diameter of the cut
trees was 21 cm and the mean volume was 0.30 m3. The working unit consisted
of 5 workers: 2 cutters, 2 tractor operators and one worker at the auxiliary
storage. The working unit was equipped with two tractors, three chainsaws,
and other necessary equipment.

The effective time of the cutters for cutting and processing, preparation
and fastening of the load was 3.69 minutes per tree, i.e. 12.30 minim?.

The effective time of the workers during finishing and unloading the wood
assortments at the auxiliary storage amounts to 20.69 % of the total time. The
effective time per one piece ofroundwood is 0.99 minutes i.e. 6.21 min/m3.

An Ecotrac V-11-1033F choker tractor was used for skidding. The skidding
was conducted along a downhill slope. The average slope of the skidding
line was 12 %. For a skidding distance of 400 m the total cycle time was 32.38
minutes. The standard time was 28.91 min/m3. The most time in a cycle is used
by the tractor while working in the felling area and amounts to 46.8 % of the
total time, i. e. 59.4 % of the effective time.

The standard tractor time for a distance between 150 to 650 m ranges
from 25.06 min/m3 to 32.75 min/m3. The standard time for cutting and processing
together equals 17.86 min/m3. From the listed values it is possible to
calculate the relation between the standard times for cutting and extraction,
and according to this establish a dynamically ideal group organisation.

Key words: time study, cutting and processing, skidding, reception of
wood, standardisation of time