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ŠUMARSKI LIST 5-6/2003 str. 50     <-- 50 -->        PDF

J. ML;L1M.-L1IIViI:, .1. Miirniiwiii. A. Vrankovi^. TV-:Ml´.UKV. 01)Ki;llNin´. <pIc offorcst vc´^cUUioiJ ill Istria is Uiken to demonstraee the main conceptual
and cartographcc characteristics oftlie project.

Based on Gračaniin´s (1950) pedological-vegetation sequence ami Inoclimatic
break down of continental ecosystems in Croatia (Bertovic. 1985;
Bertoviv-G[avuC\1987), we have worked out and described here a conceptual
solution for classification and cartography in Croatian continental ecosystems.

Our solution has been presented as a project and forwarded to the Ministry
of Sciences and Technology in Zagreb for consideraiion and financing

With this project propo.sal our intention is to inform the professional and
general public of procedures for classification and mapping of Croatian continental
ecosy.stemis in the best po.ssihlc natural, scientific way.