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ŠUMARSKI LIST 5-6/2001 str. 43     <-- 43 -->        PDF

R. Sabadi: PREGLED FRANCUSKOG PILANARSTVA Šumarski list br. S 6, CXXV (2001), 273-281
SUMMARY: France is ten times more spacious than Croatia, and has
twelve times larger population, but French forests by their autochtoneity and
their closenes to natural similar to those in Croatia, nevertheless the proprietorship
differs greatly (About 74 % of French forests are in private hands).
More than one quarter of land is covered with forests, two thirds of them
being broadleaved species.

Growing stock all timber sources comprises 1,8 billion cu. m., and annual
cut reaches about 48 million cu. m., which is tremendous base for development
of timber industries, which by their conception and moderness more and
more resemble to the most modern ones. One of the first signs are new mills
with large capacities and high percentage of utilisation of timber.

France participates in the total annual cut in the EU with 15 %, but is
leading among EU countries in production of broadleaved logs.

As highly industrialised and developed country, enjoying high standard of
living, France is deficitary in many items of the timber industry products,
trend which is to continue, since regardless of great improvements in tending
and exploiting forests, the deficit can´t be, obviously, compensated from
national sources.

Key words: Percentage of forest cover -Growing stock -Increment
and cut -Lumber operations — Sawnwood coniferous and hardwood Production,
exports and imports of lumber.