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M. Starčević: UTJECAJ HIDR0MEL10RAC1.IA NA ŠUMSKU VEGETACIJU VAROŠKOG LUGA Šumarski listbr. 1-2, CXXIV(2000), 15-26

Hydro-melioration treatments bring about radical changes in the water
regime, site conditions, soil types and natural vegetation, which often dijfers __

considerably from the previous one. In the last two decades forest ecosystems
in Croatia have suffered badly from very aggressive anthropogenic influences,
as well as from a series of dry years.

The aim of this paper is to publish new, additional data on the effects of hydro-
melioration treatments on the déstabilisation of lowland forest ecosystems
in Croatia. These data could serve as a starting point in searching for adequate

In order to determine the present state of vegetation, phytocoenological
recordings of the most common plant communities were made in four locations,
which were selected on the basis of phytocoenological maps of the
Management Unit Varoški Lug from 1977 and 1992. The method used was that
of the Zurich-Montpellier Braun-Blanquete School.

In the association of pedunculate oak and Genisto elatae, the humidity was
determined by taking soil samples from various horizons up to the depth of
2 metres.

The humidity degree as one of ecological indicators for site characterisation
was calculated for each observed association according to Landolt.

Research results show a change in the plant community ratio in favour of
drier communities. In some parts of Varoški Lug, the association Genisto
elatae-Quercetum roboris was succeeded by the association Carpino betuli-
Quercetum roboris, and the floral composition and structure of normally developed
sub-associations Genisto elatae-Quercetum roboris caricetosum re-
motae and Genisto elatae-Quercetum roboris caricetosum brizoides have deviated.

Key wo rds : lowland region, hydro-melioration treatments, formation of
forest associations, micro-relief ground and flood water, changes, soil type,
floral composition, development ofphytocoenosis.