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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/1996 str. 26     <-- 26 -->        PDF

D. Pičman i T. Pcntek: UPORABA RPP SREDSTVA ZA STABILIZACIJU TLA... Šumarski list br. II 12, CXX (1996), 469-476
Soil stabilization with different materials has been applied in Croatian forest
road building for many years. In the last decade an American chemical,
The Reynold road packer has been used for particular terrains. Produced by
Zel International Inc. Portland, Oregon, RRP uses the principle of the ion interchange
of clay and loam particles, and is suitable for forest road building
on extreme lowland terrains in Croatia with incoherent soils having poor
bearing properties or none at all. Our experience with the chemical will be
used in the research to estimate its fiture use in our circumstances.
Key words: forest soil stabilization, RRP soil stabilization material, forest