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D. Diminić: GLJIVA SPHAEROPSIS SAP1NEA (PR.) DYKO ET SUTTON NA BOROVIMA Šumarski list br. 11-12, CXX (1996), 463-468
SUMMARY: The health evaluation of pine plantations was done in the period
from 1991 to 1994 on the North Adriatic area (Figure 1). It has revealed
that Pinus brutia Ten. and Pinus halepensis Mill, were mainly in the good condition
on the researched area. This was not the case with Pinus nigra Arn. On
some localities (Figure 1) it was recorded significant dieback of the youngest
soots, branches, the part of crowns and whole trees in the various age classes.

Laboratory analyses of the collected needles, shoots, branches and cones
of mentioned pine species showed occurrence of some mycoses. Analyses revealed
that Sphaeropsis sapinea (Fr.) Dyko et Sutton was the most frequent on
the samples and also with significant injurious impact on the dieback of Austrian
pine trees.

The obtained climatological data and soil productivity survey for the researched
area propounded that the arid period in 1991 together with poor site
conditions predisposed the Austrian pine trees to the Sphaeropsis sapinea attack
on some localities in Istria region. Attack consequence was the dieback of
pines in 1992. Austrian pine plantation on the island of Rab was planted on
poor soil conditions area, and plantation has been also under the strong influence
of the north wind and the salt from the sea. The mentioned abiotic agents
were propounded as the predisposition conditions to the outbreak of Sphaeropsis

Repeated collecting of samples on some pine dieback area in Istria region
in 1994 confirmed still presence of the fungus in plantations.
Keywords: Sphaeropsis sapinea, Pinus brutia, Pinus halepensis, Pinus
nigra, dieback, the North Adriatic area, Croatia.