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S. TomaiKic: IZBOR PREDMETA ISTRAŽIVANJA ŠUMSKIH RADOVA Šumarski list br. i—i, CXX (1996), 179—186
Research topic selection is done by the researcher or research team, the
scientific institution and the investor. All of them are interested in and responsible
for the success of the scientific research.

Research subjest selection criteria are related to the amount of research
done on the problem, the aims ot the research, the creative inspiration of the
researcher, the interests of the investor, the support for and conditions of research.

The number of scientific papers published is used in science as an indicator
of the development of scientific disciplines and of science as a whole. The
number of papers in the area of forestry underwent a fall in the 1940-1945
period. In the 1945-1990 period it has been constantly on the rise, the growth
being most marked in the 1945-1960 period. In the next decade it is to be
expected that the growth of scientific research in forestry will be similar to
that of the present decade.

The structure of forest operation research subjects shows that there are
important differences among research subject groups. The most papers have
been publiced about forest work study, planning and control of forest operations.
During the 1941-1990 period, the number of works published in individual
groups increased by four to six times.

The relations among individual research subject groups and their trend in
the 50 year period can help to provide an estimate of the development of
research into forest operations in the decade to come, to establish priorities
and to select research topics.

Key words: forest operations, subject of research, development of research.