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This number of plants confirms the need for broadcast sowing of 800
kg acorns, which would, at 200 acorns per kg and 25% germination capacity,
in natural conditions result in approximately 40,000 oak plants per hectare.

When establishing forest cultures it is necessary by afforestation to sow
the number of plants which, in the shortest possible period of time will transfer
the processes of regression into the processes of progression on the site.

Having investigated the influence of different numbers of plants per hectare
(3,000, 5,000 7,000 10,000 15,000, 20,000) on the growth of foest cultures
of Pedunculate Oak at 16 experimental plots, we came to the conclusion that
the increase in the number of plants results in the increase of average height
and height increment, decreases the amount of weed, tending time and costs
per plant.

The best results, success and expectancy was displayed by the stand raised
with 20,000 plants/ha, but an appreciable improvement is visible already at
above 10,000 plants/ha.

Sowing a smaller number of plants increases the amount of weeds, which
directly competes with the planted seedlings taking from them nourishment,
moisture and light, which has an unfavourable effect on the newly established

The enclosed Tables 2 and 3 show data on the species for natural and
artificial reforestation with regard to the method of sowing and planting,
amount of seed, number of plants per hectare (Table 2) and kinds of afforestation
(Table 3).

The quoted data are recommended to be applied in practice.