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ŠUMARSKI LIST 6-8/1993 str. 33     <-- 33 -->        PDF

Moufflon Trophy Structure (Ovis amnion musimon Pall.) in the Hunting District
of »Žrnovnica« near Senj


Moufflon (Ovis ammon musimon Pall.) was introduced in the hunting district
of »Žrnovnica« near Senj in 1980. The parent herd quickly increased in numbers
in the suitable habitat, which even resulted in moufflon migration into surrounding

Trophy analysis of acquired moufflons so far indicates a population of great
trophy potential. Out of 27 acquired, treated and evalued trophies, as many as 17
gained one of the medals, according to the international criteria of trophy assessment
(cic). Mainly younger animals were shot, so that in the third year there were
nine animals shot and as many as eleven in the fourth year, while in the older
group only five out of the total of 27 acquired animale were shot. This undoubtedly
indicates the trophy value of the population which promises still more
valuable trophies providing that the opportunity for prolonged life and reproduction
is given to perspective animals.

Key words : moufflon, introduction of wildgame, population, trophy, trophy