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ŠUMARSKI LIST 3-5/1993 str. 51     <-- 51 -->        PDF

Problem of succession of the vegetation on places of burned alepo pine
(Pinus halepensis Mill.) forests in Adriatic litoral of Croatia


On the basis of the researches made so far on the surface areas of the alepo
pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.) forests ravaged by fire, it can be concluded that the
old forests of pine are regenerated after fire by themselves with seeds from cone
bearing trees burnt in fire. But when such a newly developed young forest is
cought by fire, pine trees are eliminated from the place of fire where, through
the stage »Brachypodium retusum«, a special macchia is developed which belongs
to the ass. Erico-Arbutetum. This machia appears as a stable and long-lasting development

With regard to the further succession in the direction of developing of forest
vegetation, it could be seen that the alepo pine penetrates with difficulty into the
stände of the ass. Erico-Arbutetum the same as the holm-oak (Quercus ilex), so in
case that reforesting of such areas becomes necessary the human intervention
will be required.