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tary or clustered, 5-petalled flowers. The fruit are small, plum-like. The species
mentioned are generally hardy. Grow in moisture-retentive, fertile, neutral to acid
soil in sun or partial shade, ideally protected from strong, cold winds. Styrax
officinalis L. is an indigenous plant in Southeastern Mediterranean region.

The germination test includet the seed of Styrax officinalis L., picked-up from
bush grown in the Botanical Garden, of the Department of Botany, at the Science
Faculty, Zagreb.

Snowbell propagate from seed when mature. In our study the experiment of
germination seed for Styrax officinalis L. was made in an greenhouse and in a
cold frame. From seed treated in a greenhouse we obtained 5%, 2l0/o, Ö0/«, 3´%>, 9%r,
4Vo of germinate seed, while those treated in a cold frame gave a result of 55io/o,
75»/», 58%, 62´%, 69»/» and 57% of germinate seed. The difference between the two
manner used (50%», 59%, 73,8/o, 60%, 52%, 53ffl/o<) in the germinate process is evident
in favour of procedure in a cold frame.