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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/1990 str. 67     <-- 67 -->        PDF

Yugoslavia is well known in the world as a manufacturer of solid wood furniture
and chairs, and in Europe as the greatest exporter of broadleaved sawn-
wood. We are also known for high prices which is mainly the result of low
utilization of logs and timber, obsolete manufacturing technology an inadequate
organization of production. Investigation has confirmed that with the application
of modern technology, i.e. computer, quantitative utilization of timber can be
increased by 128/o in favour of specific-purpose component parts. Rationalization
of manufacture and usage is particularly important in the case of pedunculate
oak-wood which is listed as first-class timber for the manufacture of the final
product. The basic pre-condition for the perspective use of valuable broadleaved
species is the high-quality level of production programmes which will, with their
rate of capital formation, be able to cover the costs of material and conversion.