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ŠUMARSKI LIST 6-8/1990 str. 92     <-- 92 -->        PDF

Dieback Rate of Fir Trees in Gorski kotar and Consequences on Trade"


Analysis of the material drilled out from died Fir trees indicates that the
dieback process, ranging from I to IV degree of damage, lasts for 15.69 ± 2.77
years on average. It lasts longest in trees of 55 to 60 cm DBH, and lasts less in
trees with a smaller and bigger diameter. With the presumption that the defoliation
process, i.e. damaging of fir trees, will continue lineary without changes,
it can be expected that out of the total reserve of fir trees in Gorski kotar 85°/o
of the trees, already effected from I to IV degree, will have died by the year
of 2.013. In fact the annual dieback in the period from 1997 will be 100%, 273%
from 1998 up to 2.006 and from 2007 up to the year of 2.013 271°/o of the present
annual felling quantity of Fir trees.

Key words: Fir, dieback