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A Model for Tending and Reforestation of the ČIKAT Park-Forest on Lošinj


In this paper the authors present the borders and areas of the park-forest
Čikat on Lošinj, together with the history of its creation. Existing vegetation of
the Čikat peninsula was analysed and a map was produced of the existing and
potential vegetation on a scale 1 : 10000. A model was described for biological
restoration of the Čikat park-forest. Generally useful functions of the forest in a
relative relation were emphasised. The health condition of the forest was examined
in view of acid rains. The positive effect of the park-forest on its surroundings
was shown.

The emphasis of the work is placed on the suggestion of silvicultural interventions
and tending and reforestation of Aleppo pine stand on Čikat. Special
attention was given to tending and particularly reforestation of the Aleppo pine

Ke y words : park-forest, Aleppo pine, tending and reforestation of stands,
vegetation, protection of surroundings.

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