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ŠUMARSKI LIST 3-5/1990 str. 29     <-- 29 -->        PDF

Mathematical Models for Planning the Factors of Cutting and Primary Wood
Conversion in Selection Forests


The following factors have proved to have considerable influence upon cutting
and primary wood conversion:

— ecological/management type of forest,
— tree species,
— work method,
— number of workers in the team,
— cutting intensity (number of trees/ha).
New input criteria (application factors) have increased the reliability and
objectiveness of planning the factors of cutting and primary wood conversion.
Parameters of mathematical models have been investigated in order to determine
Total time of cutting and primar wood conversion
(norms of time and performance)
Operating time of the chain-saw
Fuel and lubricant standards
Expected netto wood assortments
The advantages of computer-aided design and organization of the mathematical
model sstem are incomparable.
Key words: cutting an primary wood conversion, technical norms and standars,
mathematical models, factors of norm application.