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Meyer, T. H. and Volk, G. W. (1952): Effect of particle size of lime stones on
soil reaction, exchangeable cations, and plant growth. Soil. Sci. 73.
Tinus, R. W., Mc Donald, S. E. (1979): How to grow tree seedlings in containers
in greenhouses. Rock mountain forest and range experiment station.

Influence of Calcium Carbonate on the Growth of the Plants of Seven Tree Species


The influence of the NPK-fertilizers and CaCO, on the nutrition and growth
of the plants of seven tree species grown on the peat of USSR origin was examined.
The NPK-fertilizers improved the growth or all the examined species. The
greatest requirements for calcium were noticed in common oak. In other applications
CaCtX, had much less influence upon the growth, i.e. the other species
were to a certain extent tolerant to this compound. Maritime pine and common
juniper responded negatively even to the lowest quantity of CaCO.. The application
of the highest quantity of this compound caused the disorder in the nutrition
and retarded growth in all the examined tree species.

Key-words : annual plants, application of NPK-fertilizers, CaCO:!, nutrition,