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Meyer , H.A. (1941): A Correction for a Systematic Error Occuring in the Aplic

ation or the Logarithmic Volume Equation. The Pennsylvania State Forest

School, Research Paper No 7.
Microsoft Corporation (1987): Microsoft GW-BASIC, User´s Guide and

User´s Reference.

Error Removal in the Logarithmic Equalization of the Mihajlov Function


In this work, the possibility of computer application for the equalization of
the altitude curve has been investigated, whereby the Mihajlo v function
(H = 1.3 + b0e(-bld) has been used as a suitable mathematical model.

A supposed parameter (bj) method has been used, enabling a consequent
calculation of a parameter b0 (out of the condition: deviation sum = 0). Next,
the sum of the squares of the s. d. for these parameters has been calculated. The
same procedure has been repeated for the next supposed parameter bt, which
differs from the preliminary or introductory one. The difference was a step
´k´. Thus achieved sum of the squares of the s. d. of the second supposition has
been compared with the first one, or with the preliminary one. The procedure
has been used to decide on the progress of continuing the further investigations
of the matter until it gave deliberately derived parameters which satisfy the following
conditions: the sum of deviations (SO) = 0; the sum of the squares of
standard deviations (SKO) = minimum. The parameter b, has been used as the
first supposition derived by a logarithmic method, which shortens the supposing