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ŠUMARSKI LIST 11-12/1989 str. 91     <-- 91 -->        PDF

loss. To this should be added the costs of felling, trimming, hauling and transportation
of sapwood making up 27,42 per cent of the growing stock, which are
allowed for the forest enterprises, but are not recognized by buyers, and they
amount to 5,96 per cent of the market price of such assortments. Consequently,
losses due to the dying back of pedunculate oak total for forest enterprises 38,54
per cent of the market prices of oakwood assortments.

In our investigation we have established thart; annual increment of growing
stock in died-back pedunculate oak stands is 5,26 per cent below that in healthy
stands. This amount, too, should be added to losses sustained by forest enterprises,
so that they are increased to 43,80 per cent, or roundly to 44 per cent,
of the market prices of assortments. This is highly disturbing both the country
as a whole and forestry, and for investigators providing such unpleasant information.