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ŠUMARSKI LIST 6-8/1989 str. 136     <-- 136 -->        PDF

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Whether Forests Die?

S u m ni a r y

The author eritieizes the usage of the expression umiranj e š u m a, recently
introduced into the Yugoslav forestry terminology, as an inadequate
translation of the German word Waldsterben . In Croatian, as in many
other languagues, the verb umirat i (die) is used only for human beings.
The adequate word for animals is ugibati and for plant ugibati or/and
odumirati. The most common and correct terms for Waldsterben are
sušenje šuma, ugibanje šuma, odumiranje šuma and p r opadanje

In our recent forestry literature the term umiranj e šum a is sometimes
used as a synonym for dying out of forests and sometimes means general
decline of forests due to air pollution and acid rains. This may lead to confusion
and misunderstanding in communication.

Therefore the term umiranj e šum a is incorrect, both from linguistical
and professional point of view.