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The investigation programme included the following spacing of planting —

— A: 1.0X1.5 m, 10,000 plants/ha
— B : 1.5x1.5 m, 4,444 plants/ha
— C : 2.0X2.0 m, 2,500 plants/ha
— D : 2.5x2.5 m, 1,600 plants/ha
A randomized block system with 4 applications was applied.
Measurements in experiments were carried out in the autumn of 1984, i.e.
in the fifteenth year of the experiment or ninetteenth years of the total age of
the plants. For processing data the following statistical methods were used:
variance analysis, F test, Duncan test, regressive analysis an correlation account.
On the basis of investigation results it can be concluded:

1. There is a correlation between the plant spacing and diameter growth;
mean height grows parallelly with the increase in spacing.
2. A marked correlation exists between the plant spacing and diameter growth,
which progressively increases with the age of plants.
3. For establishing new plantation! of Norway Spruce the spacing recommended
is 2.0 X 2.0 m, with the best stands having spacing of 2.5 X2.5 m, or 3 X 2 m.