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investigation of the existing plat pool recorded 392 taxa (95 Gymnospermae and
297 Angiospermae) of exotic woody plats growing successfully in the investigated
parks and gardens.

Observations and measurements were performed over a four-year period,
from 1982 to 1386. The study dncluded the degree of representation, vitality assessed
on the basis of increment in height and diameter and the state of health,
and finally phenological observations (beginning of vegetation, leafing, flowering,
fruit ripening, colour changing and the fall of leaves).

An analysis of the data obtained shows that out of the registered 392 taxa,
the majority, i.e. 303 are present very rarely, 34 are rare, 25 frequent, while only
30 taxa are very frequent. Good over-all vitality was established in 69 exotic
plants, satisfactory in 29, and unsatisfactory over-all vitality was found in 5
exotic plants only. A phytogeografic analysis has shown a prevalence of elements
from Asia, 60.75" 0 against 36.78°0 from North America, 1.65,0/o from Euroasia,
0.41°(l from northern parts of Africa and 0.41% from South America.