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Forest Fire Occurrence in the Adriatic Area of Croatia and Weather Conditions
During 1986 in Comparison with 1985.


Forest fire protection in 1986 was considered satisfactory and more effective
in 1986 in comparision to 1985, but the weather was less severe in 1986 also.

It is shown that the main reason for smaller number of fires and their
less intensity in 1986 is not much smaller precipitation amount or shorter drought
duration, since the latter was shown as the longest dry spell for the last two
decades. It was the distribution of the rain which was responsible for a such
condition, since the first half of the year was rainy. Thus, at the beginning of
dry period in the middle of summer the weather condition was not favourable
for the onset of fire, and the wind speed was much less than in 1985.

In this paper we have particularly stressed the influence of local wind systems
for forest fire spreading. Fig. 1 shows the daily courses in Dubrovnik for
four months July to October 1986 and 1985, which indicate a strong influence of
local factors due to the coastal circulation. Fig. 2 gives the average distribution
of upper level flow July and September 1986, where the arrows indicate the
main direction of cold and rainy outbreaks, especially unfavourable for the fire
onset in July.