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ŠUMARSKI LIST 10-12/1987 str. 89     <-- 89 -->        PDF

Pr i tc hard , M. A; (1986): Forestry commision development of microcomputer
systems for forest operations planning and control, 18th IUFRO World
Congress, Ljubljana, Proceedings S3.04.

Takimoto, Y; Yamamoto, T; (1986): A computerised method of measu

ring ergonomic data in the forest work -pruning work-, voluntary paper,

18th IUFRO World Congress, Ljubljana.

Current Research in the World as a Basis for Developing Methods of Work
Technique in Forestry


The insights, results and recommendations of the 18th IUFRO World Cong.
ess have contributed to and understanding of the need for a scientific management
of forests and production forces as an imperative of modern forestry.

The time it takes for techniques, methods and equipment to be outdated
has been decreasing exponentially. Research has been focused on adventing and
developing specialized technology for application to specific conditions, objects
and means for work. The task of increasing the degree of mechanization and
decrease the number and duration of work operations involved in cutting and
primary wood conversion in the forests is of the first priority. When constructing
work means new materials are used to a considerable degree, as well as
the most recent technical solutions, radio technology and microprocessors. Calculating
with the limitations that will increasingly burden the preservation of
man´s environment, the trend of productivity growth in forestry will continue,
due for the most part to a better organization of work and better utilization
of the available cutting timber.

Efficient planning, handling and direction und constantly changing management
conditions demand a sophisticated degree of development within the forestry
information system. The computer, however, ist still rarely used for planing,
following up and regulating the work and production processes. Programmed
models should be understandable, realistic in terms of the existing organization
and adaptable to usage by operative supervisors. A continual presentation
is necessary on the adventage of using computers, in order to create a positive
climate for expanding the application of computers and furthering the development
of the forestry information system,

The issues facing forestry must be explored and resolved interdisciplinarily
in accordance with the development of the other parts of the overal economic
system of society.