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ŠUMARSKI LIST 9-10/1986 str. 21     <-- 21 -->        PDF

The Presence of Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in the Spačva Forests


The Spačva region, which is situated south of the town of Vinkovci, at a heigh
of 82 metres above sea level, is covered with Pedunculate oak forests of the basic
Genisto elatae phytocoenosis — Quercetum roboris Horv. In these oak forests beech
can be found in some places and such parts are defined as Carpino betuli phytocoenosis
— Quercetum roboris fagetosum Rauš 1971. In some parts of Spačva the
author investigated the presence of beech at 6 localities. These localities can be
seen on the map with the Croatian title »Nalazišta bukve 1985« (Beech Habitat
in 1985). Stands in which the beech can be found are from 80 to 140 years dfd.
DBH of beech stands ranges from 10 to 80 cm and new growth can be found in
some places. The photographs show certain stands with beech trees.