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Prof. Dr. Branimir Prpić


1986 marks the 140th anniversary of the foundation of the Croatian-Slavonian
Forestry Society, the forerunner of this association, and 110th anniversary of
the continuing publication of »Šumarski List« (Forestry Journal). To mark the
occasion of the 18th World IUFRO Congress, which this year is taking place in
our country, in Ljubljana, and the aforementioned anniversaries, the Association´s
committee of forest and wood production engineers and technicians is, at the
suggestion of the editing staff, publishing a special jubilee edition of »Šumarski
List« (Forestry Journal). In this, individual scientific experts review developments
in this field and give information on up-to-date progress.

These anniversaries remind us of the beginning of organised, specialised scientific
activity of the foresters´ and woodmens´ profession in the Socialist Republic
of Croatia. At the initiation of members of the Croatian-Slavonian Society
of Foresters, the Forestry School was founded in 1860 in Križevci. This school
represented the beginning of forestry teaching in the mother tongue, and is the
origin of today´s Faculty at the University of Zagreb. The foundation of the
Society, and later the school in Križevci, led to the appearance of the foresters´
own magazine »Šumarski List« (Forestry Journal), which was first published
on 1 January 1887, and is still published today.

Each of the aforementioned events was important to the development of the
foresters´ and woodmens´ profession in the whole of the Slavic south. Particularly
important was the »Šumarski List« (Forestry Journal) which introduced specialised
and scientific reading material in the mother tongue — thus making it accessible
to every Slavic nationality in Yugoslavia.

The development of the foresters´ and woodmens´ profession happened during
the boom here after the First World War, especially after the country´s liberation
when specialist forestry magazines appeared in almost every republic of the
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. As well as there being a forestry faculty
in Zagreb, faculties were also founded in Ljubljana, Sarajevo and Skopje. This
induced further vigorous development of the foresters´ and woodmens´ profession
and science in different areas with regard to the development of forestry and
the state of forestry funds.

The »Šumarski List« (Forestry Journal) was, and still is, the unofficial Yugoslav
journal of forestry specialists. Specialist papers from subscribers from
all over Yugoslavia are published in it. The occasion of the 18th IUFRO Congress
in Yugoslavia given Croatian foresters the big chance to show the world´s wood
and foirestry scientists their achievements, and to hear their professional opinions.