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feeding livestock. This was also the law in the Vojna krajina which was under
army administration, directly subject to decree from Vienna.

In the 70s, forestry duties were allocated — from the country´s rulers downwards.
The fonuding of the Forestry School in Križevci in 1860 enabled forestry-
experts to be educated in their own country. This school became the Academy
of Forestry, part of the University of Zagreb, in 1898, and in 1909 this Academy
became linked to the Faculty of Forestry in Zagreb.

The Forestry Association was founded in 1876 and became an active specialist
organisation — the »Šumarski List« (Forestry Journal) being its voice. The newspaper
has been published continuously from 1877 tö date.

In the second half of the XIX century, intensive exploitation of forests and
development of primary production of wood started. However, forests were
not completely cleared and felled tree stumps were rejuvenated. Upon the occasion
of 125 years of forestry instruction and science this year, Prof. Dr. D Mlinšek
could say »in the space between the Alps, Dinaridesand karst played a historical
role in the construction work of the forest. Otherwise it would be impossible for
forests to have given what they did after the wars«. They provided wood not just
for the revival of a country devastated by war, but also to insure o flow of
much-needed foreign currency — particularly after 1948.